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alexander Technique


alexander Technique (STAT)

Enhance your life with the Alexander Technique (AT)


The Alexander Technique (AT) is a well established educational method for improving freedom of movement and enhancing performance in all activities of living.  By teaching the prevention of unnecessary muscular effort, habits, and tension, it allows for expansion and lengthening of one's total muscular system. This enables improved mobility, posture, performance, and alertness along with relief of chronic stiffness tension and stress.



-chronic pain

-back pain

repetitive strain

headaches etc






Or improve performance and general well-being.


Alexander Technique is taught by doing simple physical movements - including sitting in a chair, getting out of the chair, steps, laying down, and eye movements -  while being guided by an instructor.

Suitable for both adults and children.

Learn to ride or deepen riding skills with the Alexander technique.

Alexander technique helps the rider free themselves in order to get out of the way of the horse so they can move more freely and therefor strengthens the connection and communication between horse and rider. 

alexander Technique can help reduce:

alexander Technique Riding Lessons

Dear Julietta, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Alexander Lessons. My stiff arms, which I had for two years, have relaxed, and I no longer feel the stiffness. I feel that my walking is more harmonious and easier. My body feels more straight and strong, and in general, I feel more observant and more confident. I enjoyed the general sensitive atmosphere of the lesson and your gentle touch. Thank you so much!


Jean Webster-Doyle, Paonia, Co.

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